213 Dragonfly in Amber

Well, here it is. The last episode and the start of Droughtlander 2.5. It’s been a pretty good season so far. Yes, there’ve been some hiccups along the way and not everyone has been happy with the adaptation. However, they did a great job with the source material and hit all the high points. I’ll give a more detailed POV of the season a bit later when I’ve gone through everything a bit later. But for now, let’s get on with the recap shall we?

1. So Roger is watching “The Avengers”, a popular show back in 1968. Well, he’s obviously sad about something or other. Fiona, Mrs. Graham’s granddaughter comes in to tell him that the guests are awaiting him.


And I’m thinking, “Wait a minute, what are we doing in the future? I thought this was going to be the battle of Culloden we’ve been building up to all this season.”

2. Is that an adult Claire? Wow, she’s gotten old. Nice hair though, right? Anne Bancroft anyone?

SIDE NOTE: I think they aged her too much. I didn’t imagine she had any grey in her hair when I read the book. Maybe it was mentioned, but then again I have an idea in my head as to what Claire looks like, it remains unchanged for some reason. Does anyone else think that?

Roger goes on with a poem about glasses clinking and everyone must be drinking, and Claire can go along with that because, alcohol. Apparently, Roger is mourning his adoptive father, Reverend Wakefield. And I’m going to miss his “Poppycock and falderal and fiddle faddle.”

3. Then a woman who looks just like Mrs. Fitz and sounds just like Mrs. Fitz but really isn’t Mrs. Fitz tells Roger, “He always had a sense of humor.” and it’s a cute little nod to when Mrs. Graham said the same thing to Claire in episode 1.

But then Roger sees Brianna Randal in all her blue dressed splendor, and goes to see who it is, but not before being stopped by several guests who wish to give him condolences on his father’s death.


Roger goes to find her, but she instead finds him. “Are you Roger Wakefield?” she asks, and after fumbling for about two seconds he says, “Yes, baby doll, I’d be anybody for a dame like you.” Because he knows he’s going to try to get with this girl totally. I mean, like get together and make all her babies.

She introduces herself as Brianna Randall, and soon Claire shows up to say her hellos. And I swear there are times when she is looking at him like, “I want to make all the babies with you.”

tall glass meme

So during the conversation Roger realizes its Claire Randall. Yes, That Claire Randall, the “Went through the stones and came back three years later Claire Randall.” Brianna says she’s going to Harvard for History, and he’s going to Oxford for the same thing. Mrs. Graham is no longer in the employ of Reverend Wakefield because she was lost some time ago. Just disappeared one day, don’t know what happened. Said she was going to collect some blue flowers at some stones nearby. Never came back.

But Fiona is here, and she also wants to make all the babies with Roger. Then Claire says she has to go take a look around and relive some old memories so she lets the two kids try to make awkward small talk with each other.

Richard gamely tries the “Been to Scotland before?” pickup line after a few moments of uncomfortable silence. She says, “No. we just came up for the day. We have to go to London in a few minutes. After Mom does her relive the past montage.”

“That’s a shame. It’s a beautiful wild country, where beautiful people like to get wild…”

Then Fiona comes up and interrupts because she’s seeing her future husband talking to his future wife and she is having none of it.

cut you

Roger excuses himself and goes to see to his guests while Claire wanders around the fireplace and looks at all the ghosts of her past.

Later, the three of them meet as Claire and Brianna are leaving. He asks if they’ll stay the night, and Brianna says, “Yes, I’d like to see the sights. I hear it’s a beautiful wild country,” wink wink, nudge nudge, oh my god I want to have all his babies.

4. Claire is in the study, drinking, and Roger comes in to chat. We find out he’s a Mackenzie when they talk about Culloden.
He misses the Reverend and asks, “How do you go on without someone you loved so much?” and Claire is all, “You just wake up every day and breathe in and out and forget how you had it good for a while.”

Then she goes back into her room after thanking him for the whiskey. She’s looking at Brianna just lying there asleep and says, “You are so much like him.” and the audience goes, “Awww…”

5. Then we are back on that fateful day. April 16th, 1746. Jamie and Charlie have a chat about the battle, and Jamie is still imploring the Ponce to not go to battle with the troops now. They’re malnourished, and they will surely loose.
“Mark me, James,” the prince says, and my head twitches again. “You are my doubting Thomas.” and he goes into the whole story of when Thomas didn’t believe in Jesus even when he showed him the holes in his hands. “Before this day is over I will make a believer of you.” No, Poncey, you aren’t Jesus. Give it up, yeah?

So Jamie goes to Claire, saying that it was a blessing Colum didn’t live to see this day. Murtagh’s eyebrows show up and alert them that the army of Cumberland is moving out, taking positions. Claire tells him to go tell the generals what’s going on.

“The Prince won’t back down from this, the battle will happen.” And Claire says, “Well, there’s maybe one last thing we can do then. Come with me.”

6. Roger and Brianna are out seeing the sights. After a wonderful montage of the Scottish Highland scenery, they finally get to Fort William. Yes, THAT Fort William.
In Gaelic it’s called the Black Garrison. “Used to control the Scottish highlanders and roving barbarians.” So by way of a first date you bring her to where her father’s back was flogged to ribbons by a rapey douchebag and her grandfather had a massive coronary just watching that spectacle of ugliness. Good on yer.

They discuss colonial history in the states and Roger gets a huge piece of American history trivia wrong. But that’s okay since she thinks he’s cute and wants to have all his babies. Then she tries to give her best Scottish accent and fails that. So they’re even in the “Getting things wrong as a way of flirting” game.

Then she asks about her father. Frank, not Jamie. Because he doesn’t know that story yet. (Don’t worry, it’s coming)He remembers Frank as “…a dashing fellow, who wore snappy clothes and a hat down over one eye. Oh, and mostly crackers and biscuits and something about time travel? But I was only five so I don’t remember all that. And at the time Mrs. Graham was just plain wonky all the time anyway. Good biscuits by the way.”

She looks at the Flogging post and says, “This place gives me the chills.” and with good reason. The ghost of your Grandfather haunts this place, dear heart. And I don’t even want to discuss what happened to your Da one day over 200 years ago.

“A lot of blood was spilled here, on this ground.” he says, “So, want to go get some latte’s?”

7. Then it’s Claire driving through a montage of the Scottish highlands. She gets to a very famous house that was one her home, and it’s been run down. But wait, is that Claire in glasses? Hot stuff, girl!

Then this scene just starts to wreck me when she gets out of the car and starts reliving the memories of all the things that happened here. Meeting Wee Jamie for the first time, the Potatoes, Jamie’s first argument with Jenny, and other sentimental memories. Then she sits down on the stoop and just looks wistfully at the arched entryway and sees Jamie’s ghost and I think it’s at this point when the hankies came out for everyone.

8. 1746 again. Claire and Jamie are having a discussion about how to stop the battle. They go inside one of the rooms of Culloden house. There, Claire brings out a potion, the Yellow Jasmine. She explains it’s what Colum took last night, before he died. “If we were to give it to Chuckles, he would die and the battle wouldn’t happen, right?”

“But that’s a mortal sin,” he says. And she explained that he knew it was his last days and wanted a quick death. Then, she says she’s been treating the prince for scurvy for weeks. If I put this in his tea, he would drift off to death, and no one would ever know.

And all this could have been settled a long time ago in Paris when Murtagh wanted to do the same thing. As always, cutting the Gordian knot trick is the easiest.

9. Bree and Roger are on a picnic discussing her mother. “Was there a dark time here a long time ago concerning my mother?” Roger explains the scene from episode 1 with the breaking of the boxes and Claire crying but doesn’t know what happened. “Apparently Frank had a bad temper. I mean he was this close from turning to the dark side, you know?”

Bree then explains that one day “I was going through my father’s stuff when I was a kid because I’m nosy like that. He mentioned something in a letter to the Reverend saying that he didn’t want the Rev to look into his ancestor Jack Randall anymore because he found out he wasn’t the hero that Frank thought he was.”

Roger says, “There’s a bunch of journals in my father’s garage we could go through to find out what happened. It’s a bit grubby though.”


10. Claire is in Inverness, just a few houses down from the bed and breakfast that she spent that fateful night with Frank on their honeymoon so long ago. She goes into the Deed of Registry office to find out what’s going on with Lallybroch.

Well, within minutes I’m assuming because this secretary is awesome at finding old documents that are literally unprotected by anything resembling plastic or glass. She’s holding the Deed of Sassine that Claire signed back in 1746.

“It’s signed James Allperfect MoonyEye MacHunkington Fraser, and gives it to James Murray. It’s witnessed by what looks to be the most beautiful eyebrows in history and Claire Fraser, with a drop on the page because she may have been crying at the time?”

“Yep, that’s the case. Anyway, could you do me a favor and see about a genealogical study of a guy named Roger Mackenzie? Kthnx.”

11. Later that night, in the girl’s room, Bree and Claire are talking about Roger and how handsome he is and how they want to have all his babies. Claire asks where they went today, and Bree’s all, “We went to Fort William, you ever go there?”

fort william

Then they talk about Frank, and Bree asks if “…she misses him, because sometimes it doesn’t feel like you do.” and she asks, “Did you love him?” “Yes, I loved your father very much,” Claire answers. Which is the truth because we all know who the girl’s dad is.

12. 1746. Claire and Jamie are discussing the cold blooded murder of Poncey. It’s a logical decision for Claire, because “…the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. We can kill him to save thousands of lives. It’s total star trek shit, I know, but if it works for Spock, it’ll work here.”

Unbeknownst to them, Dougal is listening outside the door and hears this plot. Then Ross comes in to announce to Jamie that they’re calling the men to come form lines. “Dude, I’ll be right there, got to conspire to kill the Prince with my wife here.”
Well, never one to waste an opportunity to kill his nephew, he enters, rage the only thing on his mind at the moment. He calls Jamie a “Son of a bastard,” and Claire a “Filthy whoring witch.”


13. (wow this one is long. I mean really, there is a lot going on here, huh?) Speaking of filthy whoring witches, Geillis Duncan shows her pretty little head here quite coincidentally in the school that Bree and Roger go to for some reason. I literally have no idea where this is. Is it supposed to be Oxford? Please, someone tell me.

They part for a few minutes and Bree goes walking through the area, (dressed really cute in this miniskirt and black leggings get up by the way)and manages to find the one room in all the school that Geillis Duncan is railing about the British government.

She lists off heroes of Scotland, and gets to Bonnie Prince Charlie and goes on about how “We are all Bonnie Prince Charlie!” and everyone is inspired by this wacky broad in a orange and red outfit.

Later, Bree confronts Geillis about her speech and they get into a history discussion about this king and that king and the other king, and it’s all pretty much a snooze fest because there are some in the audience who want to see somebody in this show start kissing and making babies. Come on, Outlander! Where has the sexy times been this season. We’ve had one! ONE! Instance all season. And season one had about twelve dozen. Isn’t it about time somebody went there already?! This is what your fans want!

“So if you’re not a student, and you’re an American, why are you here?” and Bree says, “Oh I like history being made, that’s all.” Then Roger comes up and She introduces herself as Gillian Edgars.

Gillian hands Bree a pamphlet for the “White Roses of Scotland” and tells her about another rally near here later on. “We’ll be making history,” she says, and winks.

14. Claire is visiting the Culloden museum where there is a life like replica of Poncey in all his Stuart clad glory. A guy tells Claire, “He was a great general.” and Claire says, “No, he was mostly an ignorant whoring jerk who said ‘Mark Me’ all the damn time.”

Then a couple are looking in another case and see “Something in this piece of amber here. Is that a dragonfly?” And Claire goes over after they’ve left and sees “Stuff that was found on the battlefield” written on a card in the case. And there it is, her Dragonfly that Munro gave her all those years ago.

15. 1746. Dougal is pissed, and rightfully so. Here’s his nephew and Claire conspiring to kill his lord and master. “This isn’t what it looks like,” Jamie says, but Dougal is having none of it.
“Ye’ve betrayed all of us, Scotland, your brothers, me, you’re uncle. You’ve been led to this by a foul witch and I’ve known she was a traitor since I first set eyes on her.” Claire tries to explain, but he shuts her up. “And you, leading this man with your claws sunk deep in his balls.”

“Hey, that’s my wife you’re talking about, there hasn’t been any claws in balls for a while now, so don’t speak ill of her in your anger.” says Jamie.

“Anger?” Dougal says. “This goes well beyond anger. Let’s call it murderous rage, shall we?” And he pulls his sword and goes after Jamie. Well, there’s a pretty big stramash, and a right to do in the room. Turns out that the scheme to murder the prince has turned into a first rate cock up for sure.

Jamie and Dougal fight, break furniture, and at one point Claire tries to hit him with a box, which shatters on Dougal’s back and knocks him away from Jamie. This gives the kid the upper hand and while fighting over a knife, Jamie realizes that he has to kill Dougal. He plunges the dirk into Dougal’s chest, with Claire’s help.

“Forgive me,” he says in Gaelic, and with a final thrust, kills his uncle. And I’d like to have the same reaction I had when watching Joffrey Baratheon die, but I don’t. because even as much as I disliked Dougal, I understood his motivations. Thanks Graham McTavish for that. Great Job!
16. Of dusty storage rooms and Rat Satires we go next. Bree and Roger are looking through Reverend Wakefield’s stuff for anything they can find about Claire’s mysterious disappearing act. A rat comes out to join them, which repulses Bree. When she lets out a shriek, Roger says, “Maybe we need a Rat Satire.”

“What’s that?” she asks. “Well, you basically sing a song telling the rat that it won’t find any food here, and to go next door where there’s better stuff. Works all the time.” Then he goes off on one, and it’s brilliant. And I’m so glad they kept it in the show. Because that is yet another iconic scene that everyone remembers.

Then he hands her a flashlight and tells her maybe that will keep them away. Then they find a box that says, “Randall” and in it is the copy of Jonathan Woolverton Randall’s commission papers. They decide to take the box with all the Randall stuff to another room and away from the Rats.

17. 1746. Rupert walks in just at the point Jamie is pulling a bloody knife out of the bloody corpse of his uncle. “Dude, did you just kill Dougal?” he asks.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Jamie says. And it’s not, but Rupert is all, “Dude, I need some eye bleach for my good eye to unsee this.” Then he goes to the door to rat Jamie out, but Jamie stops him.

“Wait, I can explain, just give me a couple of hours to take care of some things and I’ll be back. We’ve been friends for a long time, yeah? Give me that.” and the pirate says, “For the sake of our friendship, I will but that shit’s over now. You got two hours. Do your shit, and get back here. Then I damn your soul to the fiery pit.” and he’s out.

fiery pit

18. At the battlefield, Claire goes to the stone that says Fraser. There is one other woman there, who asks, “Are you a Fraser?” and Claire says, “Uhh. Yeah, ever heard of Red Jamie? Carpet matched the drapes, just sayin’.”

She sits down and has a talk with him through the stones, where she tells him about Bree and what a lovely daughter she is. Then she says, “Goodbye” finally and at the end, touches the stone saying, “I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry. Didn‘t think I could do that, did you?” But the rest of the audience does when she says, “Rest easy soldier,” to the stone. More damn hankies!

19. In the room, Bree finds an article about Claire and the abduction by the fairies and all the stuff that happened in 1948.She starts digging through the reverend’s journals and Roger says, “Do you want to do this?” and she says, “I want the truth!” Then she does the math and says, “I gotta go see a gal about a father.”

Claire is getting tea on and Bree comes down to confront her about who her real father is. “Well, that’s a question to ask.” she says, in a useless gambit of parental obfuscation. Bree is adamant. “Who were you with for three years?!” and that’s when Claire feels about a million twisted emotions in the span of like five seconds.


Then Roger comes in to the awkwardness and says, “Yeah… I’ll just let you two talk about things then, yeah?” and Bree stops him. “No, stay!” and when she orders someone like that, you obey that shit. “You haven’t lied to anyone. So go ahead. Spill the beans, mom. I want to hear all about your ‘excursion with the fairies’ and who my real father is.”

“Yeah, you might want to sit down for this because it’s a doozy of a tale and we’ll be here a while. Roger, would you kindly get the tea pot on? There’s a dear.” Claire says.

real father

20. 1746 “I’ve killed Dougal Mackenzie,” says Jamie to Murtagh. We need to act quickly if I’m to get out of this.” And Murtagh’s all, “Its about time, aye. What took you so long?”

Jamie explains that they are going to sign the deed of sassine for Lallybroch. Then he says to Fergus, “You’re going to have to take it there, because I’ve got other shit to do.” Well, Fergus balks at this, but Jamie convinces him it’s the only way, and it will take wee Fergus away from the battle, and the fans want him to be around for season three, so go ahead and do it, aye?

“I will not fail you my lord,” Fergus says.

21. “Okay, so let me get this straight. Frank Randall wasn’t my real father. That guy was some six foot three redheaded guy in a kilt from the eighteenth century? I’m going to call bullshit on this one.” Says Bree. “Yep, pretty much hit the nail on the head. Sorry cupcake but that’s the truth.” Claire answers.

Well, there’s roger sitting over in the corner, looking at his glass like

hello glass

Claire and Bree go on with each other back and forth because Bree is rightfully pissed off, showing that Fraser anger. Claire is trying to be reasonable. And I want to say to her, “Claire, darling, you’re in a fight with an angry red head, have you not learned your lesson? Hell, I had three redheaded sisters, and each one of them tried to kill me almost when they got mad at me. Now is the time to run, not be ‘reasonable’!”

Bree at one point asks, “So if it weren’t for the battle of Culloden my real father would have raised me and loved me? Mom, stahp! OMG WTF?!”

Claire tries to prove the point by bringing out the deed of Sassine, but Bree isn’t having any of that either.

“Just own up to it! Own up to the fact that you aren’t perfect! That you fucked another man!”

And Claire finally snaps. “What Jamie and I had was a hell of a lot more than fucking! I mean, wow! That boy could go downtown like a champ! I still dream about that V, and lower! I basically banged him like a screen door in a hurricane if it means that much to you!”

“Why are you doing this?” Bree asks. And then Claire says, “It’s the truth.” And this is where I want to slap a girl hard because she disses her mother and I’m so sad for Claire at this moment. “Only two people know the truth and one of them is dead. Too bad it wasn’t you.”

22. They get together over a Deed of Sassine, and all sign it, with Murtagh and Claire doing the honors as witnesses. And there’s the tear that fell on it that we saw earlier in that way old historical document that everyone was so free about touching without so much as a glove to protect it. Then they hand it off to Fergus, and he swears to take it to Lallybroch. Jamie tells him, “Ride like the wind, and if you have to stop, hide like the devil. And if you have to eat, eat like a bird and move as fast as a hare.”

And Fergus takes this command as a soldier would, and we see him in the last a small child framed in a large doorframe of the house. Thanks Outlander, now I’m worried about the fate of a fictitious nine year old.

23. Roger and Bree are in a bar discussing the matter. Bree still doesn’t believe her mother, and Roger is trying to be the voice of reason. “It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, she believes it. Maybe she’s trying to show you her world.”

“Okay, my mother is totes insane. I mean bonkers. Should be locked up, throw away the key type of crazy. And you want me to believe her?”

“Just keep an open mind,” Roger says. And Bree says, “Let’s keep an open tab instead. Because mama’s getting drunk tonight fo sho.”

24. Claire is looking through some documents about her disappearance in 1945 and comes across the pamphlet that Geillis gave to Bree. She thinks, “Oh, shit, what the hell is she doing here?” well, she decides to go find her.

Arriving at the Edgars home, because that’s what Geillis calls herself in the future, she meets the husband. He’s a drunken sot who tells Claire that he doesn’t know where Gillian is, maybe with her “Roses of Scotland” or something. Then he says, Maybe the clues are in those books she left conveniently lying around on the table there.”
So Claire takes a group of manuscripts and journals and leaves the house.

25. Then, we are back in the bar, which has significantly gotten more crowded and more dark. Gillian comes in and Bree is all, “Gillian, what are you doing here? This is really convenient.” Well, Geillis says, “It was close to the school and where else do principal actors come in a show when they want to drop a few words of expository dialogue? Anyway, missed a great rally earlier.”

“My mother is insane, I mean really bats hit crazy so I‘ve mostly been drinking all day. Maybe I’ll catch your next rally.” Bree says. And Geillis says, “No, I’m going to a barbeque tonight. Oh, and to further the cause. So you won’t see me anymore.”

cray cray

26. Claire is looking through all the Geillis Time Travel documents and sees that she has to use gem stones to guide you and protect you and wait, what? Human sacrifice? No, that’s not right. How can that be? What? No that’s not right at all. I have to stop her.

27. 1746 Jamie tells Murtagh to get the Fraser men together and get them the hell out of here. He won’t have his kin dying for a doomed cause. “We did everything we could to stop this, but apparently it’s happening. So all that having a dinner to undermine the Prince stuff didn’t work apparently.”
Murtagh asks what he’s going to do. And Jamie says, “I’m going to get Claire out of here, then come back to Culloden.”

Well, Murtagh’s eyebrows won’t have any of that. He tells Jamie that he’ll be coming back to fight with him. Jamie says, “I won’t have you dying for nothing.” And Murtagh is all, “I won’t be dying for nothing. I’ll be dying for you.” Aww. And that is why we love a Murtagh. Dammit Outlander! We need Murtagh in season three, please. Pretty please with sugar on top?

28. Later, at Roger’s house, Bree comes in and says, “I don’t want to argue. Let’s just understand the fact that my father wasn’t Frank Randall. That he was, in fact, someone who closely resembles Ronald Macdonald. I don’t want to discuss the timey wimey stuff, just what was he like?”

And Claire says, “Well, he was tall, and strong, and his arms oh my god, and what he could do in bed was nothing short of amazing. Like that’s all I think about on cold nights. Yep, he was definitely the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae that’s for sure. His voice purred like a majestic lion, his eyes could bore right through you and make you feel as though God was looking at your heart. And oddly enough, he had the most perfect teeth of anyone I ever met there. I don’t know how he did it. He seemed to be the embodiment of every steamy romance novel hero all put together. I tried not to love him but he was so damn delicious he made it impossible not to want to wrap myself around him like a piece of paper on a lamp post in a windstorm. Okay, I need to stop because my ovaries are about to explode just thinking about him.”

29. Roger is looking through some old documents and Claire comes in to talk to him about Geillis Duncan. “Do you know this woman?”

And Roger is all, “No but we saw her at the pub tonight. What’s up?” Bree comes in, “Oh Gillian? Yeah, she’s a bit cray but she’s wild about this Scottish nationalism thing.” And Roger says “She said she was leaving town tonight to further the cause.”

So Claire says, “It’s important we find her and talk to her because she’s about to make a grave mistake. If she goes back then she’ll be burned at the stake but if she doesn’t go back then you won’t be born and oh shit! I hate this time travel paradox crap! Why can’t it be easy like in Back to the future?”

Basically, your six times great grandfather is Dougal Mackenzie. Yes, that Dougal Mackenzie. So I can’t stop her because she won’t have your ancestor, and so I have to warn her about the witch trial. But then if I do that, I change my past in the 18th century and if I do that, oh, Nevermind let’s just go find her!”

Roger is on board with this, but Bree thinks it’s all delusional. She storms out of the room after saying, “Roger you’re feeding her delusions.” And Roger goes after her and says, “Hon, maybe if we go out there we can see for ourselves what the deal is. What’s the harm in that, aye?” and Bree is all cool with that because, Roger, and because she wants to have all his babies. (had to, I’ll stop with that now.)

30. 1746 Claire and Jamie are fleeing the battlefield and she doesn’t want to leave. He says he won’t get far, but she’ll be safe where he’s taking her. Claire implores him that they could leave together and go to Ireland or somewhere. But the ports are closed and no one can leave.

Then She says, “If I were going to be burned at the witch trial, would you have gone with me?” and he says, “Yeah, I would have gone to the fiery pits of hell with you but then again I wasn’t carrying my child.”

“How did you know?” she asks. “Claire, it’s me. Come on.” he says. He’s known for a while, and yes he kept track of the girl’s flow because he’s that good. Then he says, “We have to take you back to a safer place. This bairn is all I have, so we must get you safe.”

But she doesn’t want to go and leave all that Ginger topped goodness and pretty much tells her that. Jamie is having none of that, and basically forces her to go with him. “There’s no time!” he says, while on his horse, his hand out to take her, and tears in her eyes.
31. That’s not how you make Barbeque, Geillis! You don’t use live humans. Pork! Vinegar and sauce over a low hickory charcoal grill flame. Not gasoline, on a dying body still fully clothed. Can’t you do anything right?

Just in time to see her go through the stones, Claire, Bree and Roger get out of the car and up the hill to where Geillis is roasting her husband’s chestnuts on an open fire. Bree asks “What’s that smell?”

And Roger answers “Smells like a fucking barbeque.” Like mother, like so many great grandsons, I guess. But no, it’s not a barbeque in the traditional sense of pulled pork and coleslaw with a little bit of Tabasco on top served with a sesame seed bun. This one involves burning flesh of the human kind, and there ain’t no veggies or spices to go with it.

Then they see Geillis, going toward the stones, and they try to stop her but she touches the stones and Poof! There she goes, and disappears. “She’s gone! She went through the stones. And can you hear that buzzing? What is that?”

Claire tells Roger to go get help, while Bree looks on in awed fascination, thinking “I guess my mother was right after all, yeah?”

32. 1746 At the stones, Claire asks, “How can I tell anyone about this?” and Jamie says, “You’ll figure it out I’m sure. Tell Frank what you will, that I envy he gets to have you, and I hate him to the very marrow of his bones.” and Claire’s all, “Jealous much?”

She tries to get him to go, and he says, “I can’t. I don’t have that power.” and he touches a stone to prove it. “Besides, it’s not my place.” Then he takes her in his arms and says, “I’ve done a lot of bad things, but loving you wasn’t one of them. And if I have to endure two hundred years of purgatory before I meet god I’ll tell him, ‘Lord, ye gave me a rare woman,” and kisses her. “And God, I loved her well.”

And I’ve got a smile on my face and a tear in my eye because it’s one of the best lines ever written and then the two of them collapse on the ground and make all the babies.

Okay, Outlander, I’ll give you that one. You had to show it. I know. But only 2 times the entire season? Two? Whatever. I’ll give it two and a half for that one time when Murtagh got caught with Suzette’s jublies in his face but that’s being generous.

They start to hear the sounds of battle far away. Claire gives him the Dragonfly in Amber wrapped around her scarf. And he gives her his father’s ring with a purple stone in it. “Give it to the bairn, when he’s old enough.” he tells her. She says she’ll name the child after his father Brian, and he’s happy with that.

Then, they walk backward, looking in each other’s eyes, and the crescendo rises and he’s giving her all the moony eyes he can before they turn around. He tells her “Goodbye Claire,” and together, they touch the stones. And what the hell is all this water leaking out of my eyes, dammit?!

33. “I believe you,” Bree tells her mother. ”I don’t know how all this works, but yeah, you were telling the truth.” Claire answers, “You don’t need a human sacrifice like Geillis thought, but yep, essentially these stones are magic time travel devices.”

“Wicked, awesome,” says Bree. “So I can eventually go back through them as well?” and Claire’s all, “Totally, and Roger too. So when are you going to start making all his babies?”

Later, Roger comes back, having alerted the police. He tells Claire, “So I have some news. I did some digging, and apparently, five Fraser captains went to Culloden and one of them was spared death. His name was James Allperfect Moonyeye MacHunkington Fraser, does that ring a bell?”

Claire says, “Yep, that’s him. If anyone could find a way to stay alive it’s that man.” Bree says, “So if that’s true, then you can go back and find him.” and Claire looks at the stones and the light of the sun is rising through them and the crescendo is growing and there’s al light in her eye and her face is all bright with promise of the future and she says, “Yes, he’s alive! My ginger topped hunk of blazing hot man flesh is alive, you bet your sweet ass I’m going back!”

And fade to black. I know, it was kind of a hokey ending, but whatevs. I’ll be back a bit later with a review of the season and what I hope to see from season 3. It is going to be based on Voyager, everyone’s favorite book of the series.

Until then, enjoy this recap of the moony eye pics of the week. Yep, all thirteen because this recap has gone on long enough, and what the hell, you’ve been with me this long, what’s a few extra pictures of our favorite Ginger topped piece of beefcake going to hurt, yeah?

mooney eyemoonyvlcsnap-error829vlcsnap-2016-05-28-07h02m34s121vlcsnap-2016-06-05-08h46m08s198vlcsnap-2016-05-22-08h00m00s17vlcsnap-2016-05-17-12h49m46s21vlcsnap-2016-05-10-11h47m11s46vlcsnap-2016-04-30-07h13m54s99Screenshot 2016-04-26 10.40.32vlcsnap-2016-04-09-09h28m28s98vlcsnap-2016-04-08-12h30m45s162


3 thoughts on “213 Dragonfly in Amber

  1. I’m so glad that someone else noticed Mrs. Fitz at the funeral!! I thought I was nuts! I even tried looking it up, but no luck. Thank you so much for your recaps. I look forward to each and every one of them.


  2. Loved the final episode and yeah, seeing ghost Jamie is when I hit the tissues. However, the one thing that bothered me more than anything else was the scene in the hall of records and them handling the Deed of Sassine WITHOUT GLOVES. I’m a librarian and you never handle documents like that without cotton gloves. Even in 1968 they knew better! The photocopy was also a bit problematic, but not as much as the no gloves part. Glad someone else besides me noticed that. Yeah, back then paper wasn’t wood pulp so it lasted longer, but still… gloves! Also, those documents would not have been sitting out in the open shelves but in a vault-like area that was climate controlled. I know, technical issues, but seriously – you can recreate Versailles but not a simple archives? Okay, rant over.

    By the way, the woman who sounded like Mrs. Fitz was actually the accent coach for the production. She just sounded an awful lot like Mrs. Fitz and happened to resemble her physically, but not the person who played Mrs. Fitz.


  3. SPECIAL OUTLANDER MEMES REQUEST Hello Kiltlander! This is CHAS of Outlandish Scotland Journey, aka @OutlandishScot. Would you be willing to personally Email me all the new Outlander Memes you make ‘tween now and when Season 3 airs? Since there won’t be any “Outlander Recaps,” or the like, from you until then, I need help collecting memes to rerun. If you Email me, I’ll explain the reasons that I need your help. THANX!


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